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Curvy girl Fantasia was spotted at the 2009 Soul Train Awards looking fabulous in a simple ruched long sleeve black dress. The southern beauty is never afraid to let her curves show. This season,  fashion is fearless with body conscious clothing. Women are no longer hiding their curves. Whether you’re a size 2 or 24 make sure you take advantage of the tailored cuts and fitted looks this Fall season. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Get Fantasia’s look:

Plus Size Curves

A fitted dress like these require two things, Spanx and good posture. You always want to make sure you are held in properly and great posture shows confidence and makes you look and feel in charge.

Dresses: Dororthy Perkins, sizes 6-20, Evans.co.uk, sizes 14-30

Missy Curves

Dresses: Ann Taylor, sizes 00-18, Dorothy Perkins, sizes 6-20
Fantasia is wearing the Louis Vuitton Cancan heels, which retail for about $1,230. You can achieve the same look with these options above. Ankle straps are a great option.
Louis Vuitton Cancan heels
Sexy sleek multi strand drop earrings will complete the look. Forever21 $4.80

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