Serena’s Curves Exposed

By now you should have seen the picture of Serena Williams on the cover of ESPN magazine. I think she looks outstanding. Serena’s body is beautiful. Although sometimes she can look a little body builderesque (My own word), she still finds a way to keep her look feminine. What I love about Serena’s body is how strong it looks and how toned it is. I always said, if I had the opportunity to meet her, I would ask her how many squats and lunges does she do to get her butt like that. You can bounce a quarter off that thing.

Her picture promotes fitness and self acceptance. Serena’s body is very curvacious and she embraces it well. I know that some women may look at this picture and feel that their body should look like Serena’s. Please do not feel that way. I believe that we can be inspired by celebrity bodies, but, we should never compare ourselves, because, even celebrities have insecurities about their bodies and they sometimes go through extreme measures to get their look.

Just the same as you would look in magazines for inspiration to get the best looks out of your wardrobe is the same way I look at a celebrity body. When I look at Serena’s picture, it inspires me to workout to achieve my best body, but, I am not going to beat myself up because my body doesn’t look like hers.

Embrace your body today.


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