>In the words of Elmo, Hi everybody. Today I am bringing you a new feature called Stylish Curves Friday. I will be featuring everyday curvacious girls from sizes 2 and up and showcasing their style. I think it is important for us as women to share our style with others who can relate to our body type. With that being said, check out curvy girl Toccara Jones from America’s Next Top Model. She was photographed by Derek Blanks an Atlanta based photographer. Word on the street is that these are her new portfolio pics for modeling.

Rocking a short do and her sassy and bigger than life persona, Toccara is looking mighty good. She is definitely smaller now than when she was on ANTM, however, her curves are still prevalant. That goes to show you that if you have a curvy body, no matter how small you get, the curves will always be there.

What do you think about Toccara’s new look?
Convonna Ford from the boogie down Bronx.

What I like about Convonna’s body is that in comparison to her bust and hips, she has a small waist. She would be considered an hour glass figure. I love that she looks young and sexy. The black form fitting dresses really highlight her curves in the right way. Belts are always a great option when it comes to creating a waist.

Convonna says:

My favorite stores I shop at are: Ashley Stewart & Lane Bryant, basically anywhere that has funky plus size clothes.

Favorite online shops: Cute and Kinky, Baby Phat, Sean John

My favorite celebrity style: Toccara Jones-smooth and sexy style

Favorite music artists:

Jazmine Sullivan-funky and cool style, Chrisette Michele-classic and vintage style. I chose these women because when being a plus size woman the clothes have to fit. Especially to reveal the lovely curves.
Also in everything I’ve seen these women in always fits so perfectly. That inspires me to do the same.

If you would like to be featured on Stylish Curves Friday, please email your pics to stylishcurves@gmail.com. Please send two clear pictures that show off your curves.

I would love to hear your thoughts about Toccara and Convonna.



  1. >Toccara and Convonna(A.K.A. curves) are curve-a-licious. They are both beautiful women with tons of style. I love to see light shed on women with hour-glass figures because not everyone is a size two.

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