Skinny Girl Fashion For Curvy Bodies

I have to say that I am loving the whole leggings phenom. Are people even wearing pants anymore? Yesterday, I was surfing through and I came across this picture of the british sensation Estelle. I think she has a unique and edgy look that works for her body. I love the idea of the metallic silver jacket with leggings. It gives her such a sexy rocker chic look.

Check out the options below to recreate her look. The metallic silver jacket is a great look for fall.

To show off your curves you should go for a fitted style jacket, like a motorcycle jacket and try lame fabric leggings.

From top:Gray motorcycle jacket Jessica London, sizes 14-28,Metallic silver suede jacket, Newport News, sizes 2-18. Lame leggings,, Silver blazer, Newport News

Victoria’s Secret model Jessica White looks great in her short black satin tube dress. Want to recreate her look for your curves? Go for an empire waist with a straight skirt. If you want to hide a large lower half go for an empire pleated waist dress that is fuller in the hips. A red clutch in crocodile or suede will complete the look. Always keep in mind that when a satin fabric is too tight it will show all the lumps and bumps that come with having curves, so, please make sure the dress fits you properly on the largest part of your body.
Pleated waist tube dress, casual, sizes 1x-3x, Love Tease pocket skirt,sizes 3-13, Torrid straight skirt dress, sizes 10-32.
Are you sick of the whole leggings look or are you hoping for it to be around for the next couple of seasons?

One thought on “Skinny Girl Fashion For Curvy Bodies

  1. I live for leggings. I love them I hope they stay forever. I am a mom of 2 toddlers and it is difficult to look chic and comfortable trying to chase kids all day. I know everyone says you can wear jeans w/ a nice blazer or shirt and flats but let’s be for real how comfortable are jeans? I hate jeans they are not comfortable at all and I have tried several. So the leggings give me an opportunity to be fashionable, comfortable and chic. I will wear leggings even if they are not in style but it does help that they are the “it” thing b/c the choices are endless.

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