>White Women Have Curves Too!


Last night I went to the Fashion Meets Finance event with a couple of friends. The place was full of fashion consultants, photographers, stylists, and jewelry designers. Oh, and there were the typical type A finance men working the room full of fashion vixens with their six figure salary charm.

While I was scoping out the scene to see the who’s who in fashion. I came across two spunky curvaceous young women (Lauren and Jacqueline)who were not feeling their curves (Check them out on the right under Stylish Curves of the day). I thought they looked cute.
After introductions, we all started talking about what field of fashion we were in. I told one of them that their black dress was really cute and sexy and her friend immediately jumped in and said, “Do you see this butt? I have a black girls butt, I’m not supposed to have this.” I started to laugh because I think a lot of white girls think they are not supposed to have any curvy parts to their bodies except large breast. They think white men don’t like that.
Is it true that white men don’t like curves? Well, I don’t think so. You have Jessica Simpson and Kim and Khloe Kardashian who have great curves and all types of men flock to them. Even Jessica Biel is packing below the waist. Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) was a curvaceous woman when she was big and small, and, she was still in the dreams of many white men.

A curvy body is not just for ethnic people. White women have curves too and many of them love it. So to all my white girls out there with a little junk in the trunk embrace the wagon your dragon, get you some short shorts and play Sir Mix Alot’s Baby Got Back.

Shoe Fashionation Of The Day

These are the fall Jimmy Choo suede boots. They retail for $995. They are show stoppers.


According to NY Magazine.com, Roberto Cavalli the greatest tease of the financial press ever in history, has decided not to sell a stake in his company to Italian private-equity firm Clessidra SGR SpA. Clessidra was in talks to buy a 30 percent stake in the company, but pulled out over the weekend.
Read More at www.nymag.com/daily/fashion

Picture and excerpt taken from NYMag.com

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