>Since it is summertime, we have been bombarded with diets and lose weight quick schemes. You’ve seen the infomercials, “Take this magic pill and lose weight in a week.” Then at the bottom of the screen you see all the side effects you may have to go through just to lose weight in a week. The side affect that makes me laugh the most is the one that says may cause anal leakage. What! So, that means at any given time, I could be doing something and a little liquid is going to moisten my pants. I’ll pass on that!

Today, I want everyone to take a break from working yourselves crazy with trying to get into a swimsuit, or a pair of jeans. Just for a minute, let’s all just think about what our favorite body parts are and let’s show them off this weekend. No matter how big or small we get, as women, we all can agree that there is one body part that we think is our best asset. What’s funny is, that body part seems to remain in its best condition whether we gain or lose weight.
Right now, my favorite body part is my hips. They used to be my least favorite, but, now I can really appreciate them and I have been showing them off all summer in pencil skirts and skinny jeans.
Tell me, what’s yours?
Check out these celebrities who have famous body parts and love showing them off.
Toccara Jones is known for her ample bosom
Of Course, J.lo is known for having junk in her trunk

Tina, need I say more?

Angela, oh how I wish I had guns like hers

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Fashionation Of The Day

Don’t be afraid of Plaid. Plaid is your friend. Check out these affordable plaid styles

Buffalo Dress, $59, sizes 3-13

Donna Ricco,$168, 14W-16W

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