>Whitening Your Curves

>By: Alissa Wilson

Are you one of those people who is afraid to wear all white? Do you believe in that old saying that white makes you look bigger? Well, I’m here to tell you that you have been lied to. White is your friend. Say it with me, “white is my friend.” There are countless women who shy away from wearing all white out of fear. They fear that they are going to look shapeless or round and floaty like a cloud.
As with any article of clothing looking good in all white is about fit and shape. Take Queen Latifah for example. Her white top is slightly fitted and skims the shape of her upper body. The one arm out takes the outfit from looking like a blur of white to daytime sexy. Since she doesn’t have wide hips the shirt hits a few inches above her hip bone which makes her look long and lean. Now her pants are just a smidget tight but the overall look works.

If you are going to wear white pants and the curviest part of your body is your lower half I suggest straight leg or trouser white pants and your top should hit right at the top of your hip or in the middle of the hip which cuts the hip in half and gives the outfit a nice balance. this will also camouflage a big butt, but if there is no shame in your game and you want to accentuate your hips and butt in white. You may want to go for a skinny white jean and sky high heels. A tunic will balance out the lower half.

Tripp white skinny jeans, $48,12-26

If you are busty your white tops should also be fitted to skim the shape of your upper body. V-necks, and scoop necks look great on large breasts.

V-neck ruffle sweater, The Limited, $44, XS-XL

If you have thick thighs. I would do bootcut or wide leg jeans or pants in white. I think boot cut skims the shape of the leg and the slightly flare opening at the bottom offers balance to thighs and hips.

Alfani Wide Leg pants, $69, 2-14

Svboda Jeans, $138, 10-28

If you have a round stomach, a white top with a tie waist will give the illusion of a defined waist, plus its a break from the empire waist tops, that sometimes make you look pregnant. I also like tops with a bit of ruching to help take away some of the roundness in a stomach. It slims the obliques.

DKNYC, $59.50,XS-XL
Ralph Lauren, $59.50, S-XL

If you’re still not comfortable. Go all white in a dress.
Monif C. convertible Dress, $195, One size fits all
Ann Taylor Loft, $69, 2-18

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