>Arm Cleavage

>This morning I was thinking about a very close family member of mine who hates showing her arms because she thinks they are too big. She looks at me like I am crazy whenever I mention her showing her arms. I remember when I used to be that way when one of my big headed cousins told me my arm looked like a chitlin (It was funny), that’s when I started to become self conscious. After awhile, I stopped caring because I started feeling limited when buying summer clothes because so many things are sleeveless and sometimes its just too hot for any kind of sleeve in the late summer months.

I am a firm believer of making the body you have work for you because there is too much great fashion to limit myself due to a little arm baggage. However, I do understand that it takes some time to become comfortable with your least favorite body parts. If you are someone who hates showing off your arms, there are a myriad of options out there for you besides long sleeve.

Fashion Savvy tips for arm cleavage:

1) If your arms are thick and bulky you may want to avoid cap sleeves. Cap sleeves normally stop about an inch or two under the shoulder. This can draw extra attention to the bulkiness of your arm. Instead, find sleeves that hit you in the middle of your arm. This will make your arm look a little smaller and will balance out the bulk.

Faith 21,$14.80,Sizes XL-2X

2) Flutter or Dolmen sleeves are also great at camouflaging stretchmarks or cellulite in the arm

Faith 21, $19.80 Sizes XL-2X

White House Black Market, $88, Sizes XXS-XL

3) For those of you whose arms are the least favorite part of your body and you you still like to expose them, I suggest trying halters or sweet heart neckline tops and dresses. I think it takes attention away from your arms and it puts the focus on your shoulders decolletage.

Ruby Rox at Macy’s, $69,Sizes 14W-24W

White House Black Market, $78, Sizes 0-14

If you want to tone up your arms once and for all, see my fitness tip below;

My Arm Fitness Tip:

Buy a set of 3-5 pound dumbbells and every night do 3 sets of 10 for a week and every week there after move your reps up. This will add definition and shape to your arms.

And remember never let the imperfections of your body take control of your life or closet.

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