>Swimsuit Season


With the next couple of days being in the 80 degree vicinity, I just realized that it will soon be time to break out the swimsuit, I almost forgot about it, due to the rainy cool weather we have been having in NYC. I still have the same swimsuit from two years ago and it is time for a new one. Especially since my son took it upon himself to inject my body with a few extra pounds.

I am not the kind of girl who loves to jump in the water and frolic around. Mainly because of an old cliche, “I CANNOT GET MY HAIR WET.” I do not play with getting my hair wet. Did you see how Miami from Flavor of Love reacted whenever she had to participate in a water challenge? Yes, it gets that serious for me. If chlorine or ocean water touches my hair it will shrivel up like a Brillo pad. In the same breath, I can say that I do enjoy looking svelte and sexy sitting poolside or just soaking up the sun on the beach.

So, if you are dreading shopping for swimsuits, I took the liberty of decreasing some of your stress

Check out my tips below:

Savvy Savonne Tips:

1) If you have large breast (DD cups and up) Halter top bathing suits really work best for support. Especially if your breast are heavy or saggy.

Ann Cole at swimsuitsforall.com, $29.00 sizes 8-16.

JC Penney, $39.99-sizes 8-16

Sofia by Vix, $68-74, sizes S-L

2) If you have a large to XXL size butt and hips (Like me) I suggest skirted swimsuits, because they give your butt a slight cover up.

INC, $108-sizes 8-16

This skirtini is $59 at alwaysforme.com sizes 16w-26w

Kenneth Cole, $50-$62, Sizes S-XL

3) If you’re trying to hide a stomach. ruching at the waist takes away from a round stomach and a sweetheart neckline brings attention upwards.

Jantzen, Trim Swim, $108, Sizes 8-18

My favorite tip for swimsuit shopping is:
BRING A FRIEND FOR HONESTY AND MORAL SUPPORT. You may see some heart breaking stuff in those fitting room mirrors.

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