Why I love My Size Ten Feet

For those of you who have not heard, Jimmy Choo is coming to H&M this November. They are doing a low end line for the Fall season at H&M. Check out the story at http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2009/06/christmas_just_came_early_jimm.html?mid=fashion-alert–20090617

Which brings me to today’s story:

Today while riding the train to work, I was staring down at my Michael Kors peep toe shoes that I bought at Century 21 in NYC. I  was eyeing them for about 2 weeks to see if they would be marked down again from their already low price. By the time the second week came, I realized there were only two pairs left in my size. This often happens to people who wear size 10 shoes and above. So, I decided to stop coveting the shoes and I just bought them.
The memory of my purchase just made me think about all the times I had gone into a shoe store and asked for a size 10 and the sales lady would say in her loudest voice, ” We don’t have no more big sizes left.” I always wanted to say, “Damn miss, can you keep it down.” That statement used to annoy me because, I never thought of my size 10 feet as big. I always felt that when I put the shoes on my feet, my feet looked medium sized, like a size 7 or 8. But, leave it to sales people to make you feel insecure about everything.
There are many obstacles that I have run into wearing a size 10.
There is only one of my size left or none.
The last pair in size 10 is all beat up and stretched out due to the sister before me who tried to squeeze her size 11 in my size 10.
Certain poiny toe shoes look like a banana boat on my feet.
Flats sometimes can make my feet look like they have doubled in length.
One of the worst things that can happen when you are a size 10 shoe or above is when you spot another woman in the store who wears a size 10 and hears the sales lady say, “We only have one size 10 left.” Be prepared for a bull fight. First there is a stare down then you both start circling the shoe to see which one grabs it first. Then the attack happens. Hopefully you come out the winner. Not to toot my own horn, but, beep, beep, because I am usually the one who gets the shoe.
With all these obstacles, I still love my size 10 feet. I walk in stores proudly and yell back at the sales people, ” DO YOU HAVE THESE IN A SIZE 10?” When I put my size 10 shoes on, I feel powerful and sexy. There is one good thing about being a size 10 shoe. I rarely have to worry about seeing alot of other women with the same shoes on.
To all my Big Footed Sisters out there kick up your heels in these trendy styles that range from size 6-12.

JCrew Tortoise Peep Te $178 Sizes 6M-12M
Christin Michaels at Zappos.com $127 Sizes 6M-11M

Type Z at Zappos.com, $95, Sizes 5-11

Coconuts at shoes.com, $65, sizes 6-11
Coconuts at shoes.com, $59, sizes 6-11
For anyone who is above a size 12 below are acouple of websites to check out that carry your beautiful big feet,LOL!

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